Our Story

The founders, system architect, and software developers at Konvey have a long history of sending commercial email. Modern email service providers didn’t start-up until around 1998, yet several on our team began sending bulk email as early as 1995. We built and managed our own sending systems which evolved into modern-day commercial senders. Fast forward 20 years and Konvey was born out of discontent — the time had come to start over again and to build something fresh — faster, more agile, and integrated.

Admittedly, Konvey is new entrant into a crowded marketspace. The Konvey team spent about two and a half years building the platform before releasing the first version in May 2017. Since then, we’ve been constantly adding new functionality. As a late entry, Konvey has distinct advantages. We’re not burdened by the typical legacy Email Service Provider (ESP) problems. We started the journey having spent more than a decade in the ESP business with a vision of building precisely what was needed for the advanced marketer and nothing more. We knew exactly what we wanted to build because we’d been contemplating ESP deficiencies for years. Optimized email marketing and business automation for the passionate marketer. That’s our thingy. You'll find that Konvey is:

  • Extremely fast (built atop single page App technology)
  • Flexible & extensible data model
  • Simple & efficient to use - free from rigid multi-step wizards
  • Packed with advanced segmentation, scheduling, and personalization features
  • Void of clutter and distraction
  • Email Builder uses MJML - the new framework for RWD email

Our team is made of up technologists and industry veterans who share a common vision of continuous improvement and a dedication to impactful messaging. ”Clients often come to us with a defined set of needs that cannot be serviced well by other email automation platforms. That’s our niche. We’re small enough to actually answer the phone and guide our clients on how to take full advantage of our sophisticated platform“ says CEO David Addison.

Konvey is privately owned by partners who live near beautiful Portland, Maine. We were funded entirely ’out-of-pocket‘ and have zero indebtedness. Our staff works full-time on-site from office space in Portland Maine’s Old Port next to our sister firm Dirigo Design & Development, Inc. — makers of a ski resort CMS and a speciality e-commerce platform for resorts.

Our team and our purpose built technology is the real deal; we’ve got a lot to offer related to acquisition strategy, data management, predictive analytics, nurturing campaigns, customer service automation, sales automation, marketing automation, and e-mail marketing strategy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .