Maine’s Newest Email Marketing Service Provider

Why go anyplace else?

We are Konvey, a group of email and marketing enthusiasts with national and international experience. And we’re located in your backyard, in downtown Portland, ME.

It all began in early March 2015 when we set out to retool a bulk email sending service or commercial ESP owned by Dirigo Design & Development — our sister company. Our goal was to build an application able to send 10-20 billion messages per year for thousands of customers with advanced segmentation, marketing automation, and closed-loop marketing features — the complexity of which is only offered by a handful of the largest email marketers.

We are a new email service provider, born from the desire to build the email management system that we always wished we had. The Konvey email marketing and automation system was coded and built from the ground up, right here in the Old Port, and now we are ready to share it with our neighbors.

At Konvey, you will not meet an impersonal team of sales people, quick to move on as soon as you’ve signed up. We are happy to meet you face to face, right here in Maine, to discuss your email marketing needs and challenges and hash out the best solution for YOU.

So, if yer ti-yahd of dealin’ wit those from away, who answer all your questions with some “hahd tellin’, not knowin’” line, give us a jingle, Bub, and we’ll take a sit, muckle right ontaya prub-lum and figure it all out wicked fast. Ayuh. (If you didn’t understand that, don’t worry, we speak suth-nah dialects, too.)

Think of us as an Email Marketing Agency that owns the sending platform. What that means for you is that we can design, build, configure, and segment better & faster than any other service provider in the region.

Learn more about Maine's Konvey Email Marketing Service — the only email marketing platform with a home office in Maine.