Automated Daily Email Updates

A client needed to send an email to a large collection of contacts every day, but did not want to rely on their IT or digital media staff to update and build the message each time.

The email contained a lot of data, manually entered from their database, which was complemented by insights from a member of the staff. The problem? Manually updating all that data each day was cumbersome, plagued by human error, complicated to format cleanly and not a good use of time for the employee providing their experienced input.

To solve this problem, Konvey’s related database table functionality allowed them to automate much of the process.  A related database table is a database of information that may (or may not) have a direct connection (or relationship) to a database of contacts’ profile data.

In this case, the client’s website was hosted and administered by Dirigo and the Edge content management platform. The information they wanted to include in their daily emails was already contained in the website database, and it was easy to configure a user interface where the staff member providing the helpful insights could update their information without the need for any technical skills. All of this information and data was now available as a related database in Konvey.

Konvey was able to easily gain access to all of this data and incorporate it directly into the client’s mailing template. This kind of mailing could then be triggered manually or scheduled to go automatically at a pre-determined time each day.

The direct connection between the information in the database and the email system managing the messages helps ensure that the mailing would always be using the latest data. The mailing template formats the included data automatically, ensuring that the mailing always has the desired look and feel – with no additional human effort necessary.

With this configuration in place and rolling along smoothly, the client was later able to take advantage of Konvey’s custom contact and scheduling filters, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole campaign significantly over their former mailing process.

Does this sound like something your company could benefit from? Improving communication with your customers or salesforce? Saving you time on a cumbersome daily task?

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