Consumer Show Follow-up and Lead Generation

A client of Konvey regularly attends consumer shows, where they have experienced success obtaining lead contact information for a few different vertical markets. Once added to their database, however, nothing much was happening other than sending them their general monthly enewsletter. They knew that more should be done to nurture these new contacts, but they did not have the time or resources to manually follow-up with all of these new leads.

Konvey proposed easy-to-implement solutions that would help them at every step, including automation that would save them time.

The first step involved using custom tags and tag groups to identify existing contacts who had attended the show in the past and send them a reminder about the show date and inviting them to visit the client’s booth.

At the show itself, client staff were equipped with iPads and a custom, mobile-optimized landing page form specific to the show. This form allowed contacts to be entered directly into their Konvey database, and featured questions that would assist later with segmenting and targeting, using custom profile fields and tags.

Following the lead’s visit to the booth, a Welcome/Thank You message would be sent out automatically, triggered by when the contact was added to the system or their profile was updated as a result of the show booth visit.

Pre-configured Konvey mailings - with contact segments, mailing content and mailing schedules automated using Konvey’s custom filters and the lead’s answers to show questions - would be sent out, as appropriate. Filters, configured to control the maximum number of mailings any individual contact might receive, would be used to ensure that no one is overwhelmed with messages from the client.

The mailing results of these initial messages could now be used to create subsequent mailings and nurture the lead through the sales funnel to the final goal (again, using custom filters applied to create contact segments and include relevant content) - in this case, a product purchase or reservation made.

Post-show reporting may be used to help identify points of interest and topics that are important to the client’s customers. Refinements to the process, content and segmenting may be made, as sufficient data is collected.

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