Implementing a Repeat Customer Campaign

A resort client knew they had a good thing going. The guest comments were nearly all positive, the complaints were very low and the online reviews were glowing. They had the usual Welcome and Pre-Arrival emails in place – and those were performing well – but they realized they were doing little to nothing to encourage their existing customers to come back. The only messages those existing guests were receiving were the same ones being sent to their main contact list.

What they needed was a well thought-out and targeted Repeat Customer campaign.

Guests who have already stayed at the resort – and enjoyed their stay – are an extremely important segment of their contact list. Returning guests not only tend to spend more, but they love to share their great experiences with their friends, family and even strangers. They are your brand ambassadors, and they need to be treated appropriately.

The resort’s first step was to understand Konvey’s ability to manage their contact database, but also to create a related database of information specific to each contact from their property management system and the system used to manage their amenities and other business units (i.e. spa, restaurants, ski area, golf course, etc.). This data table ("ReservationsTable") would be configured to update daily.

Konvey’s custom filters would be applied to select fields the data in their contact database or the related database. These filters would then be used to define the recipients of a mailing and the timing for the mailings to go out. Once the first mailing is in place, additional filters would be created, based on the contact interactions with the initial mailings (or the lack thereof) and used for subsequent follow-up mailings in the overall campaign.

The campaign flow that was created was relatively simple, allowing them to focus their time and energy on writing good content and including appropriate personalization.

1: Thank You Mailing – sent within 24 hours after checkout (lodging) or dining outlet transaction, recipients may only receive one Thank You mailing within any seven day period.

This step actually contained two unique mailings, as they were to be specific to the product purchased (i.e. lodging departure, dining transaction). The content included thanking the guest for their stay/business and inviting them to come back for a future stay/meal.

(sample copy with the basic elements)

Thank you for choosing Acme Resort!

We hope you enjoyed your time here, so we have added you to our list to receive the latest news, events and special deals.

If you have any feedback for us from your recent stay, please let us know at surveylinkhere.

We look forward to welcoming you back again soon!

Key filters: All lodging departures and dining outlet transactions taking place one day ago (see image).

2A: Lodging Follow-Up Mailing – sent one week later to lodging guests.

This mailing would continue to build on the perception of the resort, reminding them about upcoming events, special deals during the remainder of the current season and telling them a bit about stays during the upcoming season (i.e. talking about golf and summer fun to someone one who stayed during ski season).

(sample copy with the basic elements)

As you know, Acme Resort is THE place to spend your vacation. Check out these events coming up soon - maybe it's time to make a plan to come back!

  • Event One

  • Event Two

  • Event Three

Stretch your next weekend stay to three days and take advantage of this great Stay Two Nights, Get One Night at Half-Price offer.

Acme Resort is a blast during the summer too - golf, mountain biking, swimming, hiking and so much more! Learn more. (content like this could be inserted dynamically, based on the departure date - if winter, show summer; if summer, show winter)

See you again soon!

Key filters: All lodging guests from step 1, who still do not have an upcoming reservation within the next year. Also, a custom filter was used to display season-appropriate content in the mailing, based on the lodging departure date.

2B: Dining Follow-Up Mailing – sent two days after step 1 to dining guests, recipients may only receive one Dining Follow-up mailing within any seven day period.

This mailing included weekly dinner/lunch specials and dining deals for the outlet they visited, and also included something about other resort dining outlets they might want to try next time.

(sample copy with the basic elements)

The deliciousness continues... this week at the XYZ Cafe

(list of 2-3 weekly food specials here, automatically pulled from the related database table)

If you haven't tried OtherGood Restaurant and Tavern, check out their upcoming entertainment and dining specials (link to page).

Key filters: All dining guests from step 1, plus an additional custom filter used to display outlet-appropriate content in the mailing itself, based on which dining outlet the guest visited.

Future – Additional follow-up mailings may be added later. In addition, they are already considering adding additional Welcome and Follow-Up mailings for transactions in other key business units, such as spa, golf, etc.