Mailing Results Filters for Subsequent Mailings

A Konvey hotel client needed to drive business and awareness for its newly-constructed spa facility. To determine who the most likely spa customers were and direct more specific marketing efforts at them, based on contacts’ mailing behavior, Konvey’s custom filters were used.

The hotel’s monthly newsletter already included a section with spa-specific information. It was decided that clicks to those spa-specific links would be used to automatically add recipients to a new spa affinity list for subsequent, follow-up, spa-specific mailings.

In Konvey, it is easy to create a filter like "contacts who clicked at least once on a spa-specific hyperlink in a monthly newsletter," to view the contacts who match that filter, export those contacts and then save the filter for future use. As of August 2017, it became possible to perform all those steps—or just some of them—within seconds.

The new Drill-Down functionality has been incorporated into various screens (Mailing Statistics, Broadcast Statistics, Lists, Tags, & Tag Groups). Clicking the zoom-in (magnifying glass) icon will pop open a new window that is identical to the Contacts screen, but with a filter pre-populated by Konvey. That screen/window now contains Save Filter and Export buttons, allowing you to save the filter and export the matching contacts without any additional navigation.

On a related note, Mailing Activity-type filter expressions also support Broadcast-level granularity. In plainer English: the filter we mentioned above can now be modified to read "contacts who clicked at least once on a spa-specific hyperlink in a particular broadcast of a specific mailing."

For this particular task, creating the list was simplified to three steps:

  • Create the basic list – in this case an internal-only list, as they did not want contacts to be able to add themselves to this list.
  • Use a filter to populate this list – anyone who has clicked at least one spa-specific hyperlink in a monthly newsletter, based on hyperlink title.
  • Add a specific title (i.e. spaLinks) to all links considered to be “spa-specific” in the newsletter mailings.

With this configuration in place, automatically populating the new Spa Affinity list based on contacts’ mailing interactions, all that was left to do was create the mailings to be targeted toward this list of contacts.