Pre-Arrival Campaign

An issue facing many of Konvey’s ski resort clients is managing rental shop and ski lesson issues for guests visiting during the busy weekend and holiday times. It's just super busy - congestion is a big concern at ski resorts during peak times of the day.  To help set expectations and help important lodging guests avoid frustration, a pre-arrival email really works and typically experience high open rates.

Skiers and riders will generally make their lodging reservations ahead of time, but will also often procrastinate or forget about purchasing their lift tickets or making rental equipment and ski school reservations. The result? The resort’s important lodging guests are potentially paying higher rates for lift tickets, missing out on their preferred ski lesson times and stuck in the rental lines with the weekend crowds.

Using a custom data interface with a resort’s property management system (for lodging guests) and/or lift ticket system (for ski and ride guests), it’s straightforward to create a campaign to address this issue. For the purpose of this article, let’s talk about lodging guests.

A helpful and effective solution to this problem is to create a series of mailings (i.e. 10-day pre-arrival, 3-day pre-arrival, day-before-arrival) containing reminders for incoming guests.

Information that is important to communicate:

  • Arrange lift tickets ahead of time to save money and avoid the ticket windows.
  • Make reservations for ski school lessons, to help ensure the preferred lesson times and instructors.
  • Make arrangements for rental equipment, as there are often price incentives and early-pick-up options, allowing the guest to avoid the Saturday morning crunch in the rental shop.
  • Upsell -  emphasize dinner reservations, spa appointments, current events, après-ski venues and any deals on lift tickets for previous or subsequent days.

The custom profile fields in the Konvey database, and the ability to ensure that any given guest can be configured to receive no more than one of each mailing (should they change their lodging reservations, for example), make setting this up easy.

Custom profile fields for the next Lodging Arrival Date, Lodging Departure Date, Lift Ticket Arrival Date and Lift Ticket Departure Date (for multi-day tickets) will store the data that is then used as a trigger for the mailings by a custom filter.

Improve the guest’s experience and most likely generate additional revenue. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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