Recipient-Determined Mailing Schedules

A Konvey ski resort client sends snow conditions report mailings daily, but wants to let the customer determine when they would prefer to receive the mailing when they sign up or edit their profile.

The receipt options they offer are any day(s) of the week the recipient chooses.

Accomplishing this is easily done in Konvey:

1) Create a new custom profile field of type: Dropdown for each of the seven days of the week (i.e. “receiveMondayReports”). Each dropdown should be configured with three options, in this specific order: “Select One,” “Yes” and “No.”

2) Create the snow report mailing, including html template, etc.

3a) If sending automatically:

For the snow report mailing, create a new schedule for each day of the week (i.e. “Monday Report”).

Add Recurring Schedule

  • Choose the time of day to send and desired season start and end dates.
  • Recurrence = Weekly, then select appropriate single day of the week. 

Filter tab – select Profile Field Data: Must meet ALL these criteria:

  • i.e.  receiveMondayReports Equals To “Yes.”

3b) If sending manually:

For each day of the week, create a saved filter:

Select Profile Field Data: Must meet ALL these criteria:

  • i.e. receiveMondayReports Equals To “Yes.”

At time of send, administrator must create a new Non-Recurring Schedule, using the appropriate saved filter, to limit recipients to only those who wish to receive reports on that day of the week.

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