Reputation Gain Campaign

Any B2C business that takes its online reputation seriously can benefit from a reputation gain campaign. The good news is that it’s easy to configure Konvey to help management accomplish that seemingly daunting task.

Whether the online reputation lives on such sites as Yelp or Trip Advisor or others like them, sometimes all it takes to increase the number of favorable reviews is to ask happy customers to go online and leave positive posts.

A good place to start is with a survey to all of customers/guests soliciting customer satisfaction feedback. All of the feedback should be digested by management and appropriate actions taken, if necessary. In addition, Konvey could be configured — using custom profile fields and filters — to send follow-up mailing(s) to select contacts that are most likely to post positive reviews about the business or products.

To do this, a custom profile field would be created to contain the level of satisfaction. When contacts are added to the database — whether by manual upload or via custom interface with survey data source — this field would be populated by whatever data is desired (i.e. a scale of 1-5; yes/no for satisfied or not; etc.).

A mailing designed to encourage the recipient to post a positive review about their experience with the business would then be sent to only select contacts, based on a custom filter using the custom satisfaction profile field. It may select all contacts with satisfaction ratings of 4 and above, for example, or perhaps all indicated as ‘satisfied’ customers.

With this configuration in place, it’s important to monitor the review site(s) regularly, and continue to respond online to any negative comments that the campaign may elicit.

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