How To Add Admin Interface Header Logos

It is probable at some point that you’ll make an editing or import mistake if you are managing multiple browser tabs or multiple browsers (e.g. Firefox and Chrome at the same time) while managing multiple Konvey Sites simultaneously. It happens to even the most careful users. Only larger accounts and developers that have access to multiple Sites tend to see this sort of user generated mistake. It can be costly and frustrating.  We’ve thought long and hard about the user interface and how help mitigate mistakes like this.  There is no silver bullet! You need to pay close attention to the Sites drop-down menu to ensure that you are on the correct Site before saving any changes. 

As a visual queue, the Konvey logo in the upper right-hand corner is switched to the configured Admin-Facing Logo if the user has access to more than one Site.  We think that this provides stronger visual queue that will help user to avoid mistakes.

The Admin-Facing Logo is setup by Konvey during the account setup process. Changing the Admin-Facing Logo can only be done by Konvey support staff via the Site > Sites menu.

This is the default logo that is used for accounts with only one Site.

This is how the header bar would look if the Dirigo Site was selected form the Sites drop-down (but only if the user that manages Dirigo has access to more than one Site).

Because Konvey administrators manage lots of different accounts, Konvey staff always see the Admin-Facing Logo in the header bar.

Updated: 05/26/2017