The Basics - The Welcome Message

It doesn’t get much simpler – or more important.  When a new potential customer signs up to receive information from your company, it can be very important – and lucrative – to simply welcome them.

When someone signs up on your website, this action is used by Konvey as a trigger to add the new contact to your general eNewsletter list.

A custom Konvey filter should be added to the schedule of your Welcome mailing, which will use the new signup date as a trigger to send the welcome message to your new subscriber a pre-determined amount of time after signing up.

This message typically acknowledges that you have received their information, and may also be used to invite them to share more information about themselves or their mailing preferences via a custom Konvey landing page form, or to provide them with relevant information or products, based on how and where they signed up.

To add this filter to your Welcome mailing schedule:

  • Go to Campaigns>Mailings and select your Welcome mailing.
  • On the right, click the Schedule button. Click the Add Recurring Schedule + button.
  • Give your schedule a description, if you wish, then set the time of day for the mailing and the start- and end-date, if needed. Recurrence should be set to Daily/Every Day.
  • On the Filter tab, click the + symbol and select Profile Field Data to create the conditions for your filter.
  • From the dropdowns, select JoinDate and Is A Specific Day and make it valid for 1 day ago. Click Okay to save.