How To Ensure Optimum Email Deliverability

You built a great responsive email template, wrote engaging copy and selected all the right people to send it to. But what if your masterpiece never actually gets to the target recipients?

Optimum email deliverability doesn’t just happen. There are a number of factors that should be addressed to help ensure your messages get where you want them to go. The good news? Konvey can help you take care of many contributing factors.

Authentication - Konvey has you covered with all three

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) – The client adds an SPF record to their DNS settings, specifying which IP address(es) is allowed to send email on behalf of their domain name. This is helpful, though not perfect, for authenticating any given email message.
  • Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) - All email messages will be ‘signed’ with a hashed signature key/code, which must match an encrypted key associated with the domain name. The matching process requires a public encryption key, as well, indicating an un-modified email message.
  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) – DMARC is an email validation process intended to help prevent email spoofing (the sending of email with a forged sender address), done to appear to be from a legitimate sender. Simplified, this procedure informs recipient systems that SPF and DKIM are being utilized and what to do if both of them fail to validate the message (how to deliver or dispose of messages).

Dedicated IP Address – For large clients, sending high volumes of messages monthly, Konvey often creates dedicated IP addresses, ensuring that each client is in control of their own sending reputation with the various email clients (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc). If you have questions about the importance of a dedicated IP address and want to determine what's best for your business, we are happy to discuss all the technical details with you.

Unsubscribe Button (of course) – it goes without saying that you should always include an opt-out option for mailing recipients. In Konvey, you have the additional ability to control specifically what the contact is opting out of – just the specific mailing, all mailings in a campaign, all mailings, etc.

List Cleaning – Sending emails to bad addresses can lower your sending reputation. It’s a good idea to utilize Konvey’s custom filters for a re-engagement campaign, and then remove those who are deemed inactive from your sending list.

Avoid (or be very careful) purchasing lists – this relates to List Cleaning, as purchased lists will often contain many bad or invalid email addresses, which can adversely affect your sending reputation. Just don't.

Let Contacts Update their own Profile - utilize Konvey's flexible landing page functionality to let your contacts manage what their interests are, and then add an appropriate link at the bottom of all messages sent.

Content steps you can take

  • Ensure that your Sender Name and your From Address match or at least relate to each other.
  • The same goes for your Subject Line and your body content – much like the title and content of a web page for improving search engine performance.
  • Avoid spammy words and phrases in your subject line. Click here for some examples of what to avoid
  • Proper formatting of message to display well in all major email clients.
  • Be sure content is relevant to the recipient. Increases interaction, reduces complaints and spam flags. This is very important, regarding your sending reputation.
  • Send a Welcome Message upon adding a contact to your database. Tells them why you are writing, what you will be sending them and gives them their first option to opt out, if they wish.