How to Send Transactional Email with Konvey

With commercial email marketing—messages that advertises or promotes a commercial product or service—the CAN-SPAM Act requires, among other requirements, a way to “honor opt-out requests promptly.” To facilitate the op-out Konvey requires that all commercial email marketing be associated with a list or lists. The email template can be configured using merge codes to opt-out from a single list, all lists, or can point to a user preference page where the user has greater control over their profile. The Recipients tab on the Schedule associated with a Mailing determines if an email included in the filter will receive the Distribution. The following factors are considered:

  • Subscription Status. The contact must be subscribed to one of the mailing lists targeted by this mailing, unless the mailing has been marked as transactional in nature.
  • Hard Bounces. The existence of any hard bounces indicates that the contact is not mailable.
  • Suppression. The contact must not have been manually suppressed via the IsSuppressed profile field.
  • Mailing Filter. The contact must meet the criteria of this mailing’s filter, if any.
  • Schedule Filter. The contact must meet the criteria of this schedule's filter, if any.
  • Total Message Count. If the Max Messages per Contact Total setting has been defined for this mailing, the contact must not have received more than the specified number of copies of the mailing ever.

Transactional email, on the other hand, is related to a purchase or business relationship content that facilitates an already agreed-upon transaction or updates a customer about an ongoing transaction. The business wishes the recipient to receive an email regardless of their subscription status. Transactional messages should never have an unsubscribe mechanism because it is not possible to opt-out of transactional emails. The same factors listed above are considered when sending Transactional email.  The user is not required to be subscribed to any list(s). Clear examples include:

  • Account update information
  • Welcome email
  • Email address confirmation or two-factor authentication email
  • Password reset
  • Order receipt that pass on necessary information about a purchase
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Post order needs like camper medical form, packing list, arrival time
  • Feedback or survey emails

The Suppression setting at Konvey is not exposed by any page or API with Konvey.  It is, however, available from the Import function. Suppression is solely for the use of the email Administrator. This is the “nuclear option” for users that have expressed a desire to never receive an email.  Transactional email adheres to the IsSuppressed profile field (e.g. a contact that is suppressed will not receive transactional email).  IsSuppressed can only be disabled by the email Administrator.  You should use the Suppression option very sparingly.

If a message mixes transactional and marketing content, the primary purpose of the message is the deciding factor.  The transactional information must come first and must also be clear in the subject line. If marketing content is mixed with the primary purpose being transactional, the message does not require opt-out functions.

Updated: 05/30/2017