Next Version

Our main effort at the moment is our new responsive (RWD) email Builder tool — compatibility testing, adding new templates, and additional documentation. Next up is adding administrative tools for account creation, deletion, and billing.  Then we'll set our sights on the next version of our HTML rendering engine.

Check-in's for the 'Current' Branch:

  • 2018-06-22 - Added several new screens to manage Users. Registration Code screens now support non-Admins (e.g. users can create new users). Users can also change user information and disable users. When a change is made to Users an email confirmation is sent to all Users as part of the security protocol. A User cannot disable him/herself. There is no concept of a Company Admin in Konvey because we want to keep user administration flat and simple. All users have access to create new users, edit users, and disable users. If our current mode of 'everyone within a Company is an admin' becomes a problem or is abused down the road, we'll work-in the concept of Company Admin and Company User.
  • 2018-06-20 - Created screens for manaing Clients.
  • 2018-06-20 - Newly registed users are no longer inactive on creation.
  • 2018-06-20 - Bounce management utility upgrade. Getting Started now stays closed.
  • 2018-06-19 - Each user and each registration code is now tied to a Client.