Everything you need to match your branding guidelines

When it comes to your email service provider, the concept of branding goes beyond the simple ability to add your logo to the top of a mailing. Domain names, landing pages, your mailing content (of course) and even your admin area can and should be made to match the look and feel you have so carefully created for your brand.

Domain Names

Konvey allows you to use your corporate domain name(s) for your outgoing mailings, including the ability to point different domain names to topic- or mailing-specific landing pages. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is a part of what goes into your sender reputation, as it helps the recipient quickly recognize who the message is coming from and (hopefully) interact with the mailing.

Landing Pages

In Konvey, it’s easy to create landing pages – typically signup, profile-update or unsubscribe forms – that are either hosted on Konvey’s servers or embedded into your own corporate website. In either case, Konvey provides all the flexibility and control you need to give your landing page the look and feel your customers expect. Brand logo, colors, fonts and design/layout are all easily accomplished in the Landing Page section of the admin.

Mailing Content

Branding is all about customer recognition and is extremely important when it comes to email messages. A contact could sign up for and be expecting the arrival of your newsletter, yet discard it upon arrival, if they don’t quickly recognize who your mailing is from.

Konvey allows you to build your mailings in three different ways, each giving you complete control of the logos, colors, fonts and layout:

  • Upload the HTML of your existing email template.
  • Choose one of the responsive templates in our gallery and then modify it to match your look and feel.
  • Start with a blank template and build a effective, responsive template of your own, using our all-new template builder, based on the open source MJML email-building language.

Admin Branding

If your account with Konvey has you managing mailings for multiple brands, you can even add the brand logos to the admin pages, so that you always know which brand’s page you are viewing.