Data Management

With Data, Comes Power

Email marketing and automation is an integral part of business—helping to tackle repetitive tasks for sales and marketing teams. Data, data, data. If you set the artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning pipe dream stuff aside and focus on right now, the big trend in email is all about moving from simple data sets to more complicated data sets. Data is the foundation of good email marketing and automation. It’s about sending more targeted messaging in smaller waves in the quest for higher ROI—and spending less of the marketer’s precious time.

Email vendors tend to fall into three groups: enterprise, mid-market and SMBs. Finding the right automation/email vendor can be difficult, especially if you have complex or special needs. Konvey is one of a handful of vendors that plays in the new “middle ground” – catering to SMBs and mid-market companies with complex needs. Our tech-savvy and well-skilled clientele needs enterprise flexibility at a SMB budget.

Konvey’s “secret sauce” is partly relational data. Our platform was built to store and access lots of relational data. SMB vendors tend to work only with old-fashioned MS Excel spreadsheet, csv or text type data that’s flat. Enterprise vendors almost always provide more data flexibility. If you need to segment on purchase behavior and a bunch of other attributes, like size, household income, etc., then you’re likely going to need relational data that can be loaded and queried quickly.

Konvey can be configured (by Konvey administrators) to link to client-controlled external SQL databases or to produce temporary views from external datasets. In a perfect world, all data would be loaded into Konvey thru our importer, FTP/SSH, the public or a custom API. Since the world is far from perfect, we’ll tap into external data under certain conditions. If we cannot do that, we'll work out a custom integration that gets the job done.

Whatever type of data you have, Konvey can load it, store it, filter it and analyze it. Konvey stores only one copy of your data, and all filtering and reporting is done in real time.

Create as many custom profile fields as you need, with both built-in and custom validation rules.

Import and export data from CSV file; Konvey will remember your column mappings. Remembering column mappings might seem like a little thingy, but we’ve spent a whole lot of time sweating the small stuff. It turns out that all the little goodies make a big difference in platform experience.

Konvey is faster to manage and more flexible than most email marketing platforms—by a long shot. Read on for the answers you seek and then give us a ring when you‘re ready for a platform demo.