Features & Benefits

Data Management

Konvey was designed not just as an email marketing system but also as a database management platform. Whatever type of data you have, Konvey can load it, store it, filter it, and analyze it. Create as many custom profile fields as you need, with both built-in and custom validation rules.
Database management by Konvey


Create real-time filters that target any combination of profile data, custom relational data, messaging history, clicks, opens, bounces, complaints, subscribes, unsubscribes, and tags. Use those filters in mailings and schedules, for contact management and reporting, and to personalize the content of mailings and landing pages.
Flexible real-time filtering.


Personalize the content of your mailings and landing pages with industry-standard Javascript that targets your contact profile data, custom relational data, mailing metadata, and a server-side API library. Create libraries of functions to handle anything from simple conditional formatting to enforce complex business rules.
Flexible real-time filtering.


Konvey takes scheduling flexibility to a new level by allowing you to attach filters to schedules as well as to mailings. Send any mailing as many times as you’d like, as Konvey will automatically prevent contacts from receiving more than one copy, or you can use filtering to create custom frequency rules. Set up recurring (i.e. daily/weekly/monthly) schedules - as simple as creating a calendar appointment.
Flexible scheduling options

Landing pages

Add custom, Konvey-hosted landing pages that match the look and feel of your website for subscribe/unsubscribe forms, contact profile update forms and much more. Create fully internationalized landing pages with automatic browser language detection. Optionally send a confirmation.
Flexible landing pages.

Mailing Features

Send HTML-only, text-only, or multi-part mailings. Automatically append mailing- or site-specific analytics tracking codes to hyperlinks. Define friendly titles for tracked hyperlinks (all hyperlinks are automatically tracked by default) and use those titles for reporting and filtering. Even change the URL of tracked hyperlinks even after the mailing has been sent!
Konvey mailing features


Corporate logos, domain names, landing pages, image library - all that and more may be customized to match your brand's look and feel. Copy your image library to Konvey's content delivery servers with a single drag-and-drop operation, using built-in FTP access.
Message and signup form branding.


Konvey was built to be the most secure email marketing platform in the industry, including options for two-factor authentication, SSL/TLS-protected landing pages, tamper-proof hyperlinks, firewall-level intrusion protection and optional database-level encryption.
Security above and beyond the rest.

Reliability & Performance

Using the industry's most hardcore email platform means no maintenance windows and no downtime. Images that always render. Hyperlinks that are always clickable. Konvey's server cluster can send millions of highly personalized email messages per day. If you've used any other email platforms in the past, you'll notice the difference.
State of the art reliability