Konvey Version History

A look 'under the hood' at what's new with Konvey:

Current Build

  • Adding delete client functionality.


Build (September 21, 2017)

  • Changes to Program and Startup classes, related to new .NET Core 2.0 functionality. Bumped version numbers.
  • Removed some unnecessary .NET Framework dependencies.
  • Added RawFormatter.cs to source control.
  • Committing some changes that should have been included in the previous Commit.
  • Fixed configuration for Kestrel URL bindings. Migrated from dirigoSettings.json to applicationsettings.json.


Build (September 15, 2017)

  • Upgraded to .NET Core 2.0
  • Added SmsController to the Service project, for sending SMS messages from internal applications such as PTRG.
  • Moved vendor imports out of the webpack config and into a separate Typescript file.
  • Enabled dynamic compression.
  • The infratructure for build-time hashing of static resources (for cache busting) is now complete. Deployed separate webpack config files for dev and prod environments.
  • Precompilation of Razor views.
  • Added "Internal Path" for images on the FTP Access screen.
  • Cache-busting is now performed at build time, using webpack, instead of at runtime. This speeds application restart and publishing new code.
  • Static content in the app will now be handled by IIS instead of Kestrel.
  • Fixed some small import-related trail-run bugs.
  • Minor webpack changes.


Build (August 14, 2017)

  • Added application initialization settings to web.config.
  • Changed Windows service name.
  • Webpack changes to fix source maps.
  • Added support for drilling down to Complaints. Beefed up the Subscription Activity window (on the Edit Contact screen) to acocunt for FBL and List-Unsubscribe.
  • Removed legacy Typescript files.
  • Mailing Activity filter expressions now support filtering by Broadcast, as well as by Mailing and Campaign.
  • Slight tweaks to flitering logic. CSS changes to buttons on various grid screens.
  • Modified the "drill-down" functionality so that the Manage Contacts screen always appears in a modal popup, instead of as a navigation target.
  • Enhanced subscription-based filtering to support Mailing and Broadcast options.
  • Modified the new "contact drill-down" functionality so that Contacts appear in a modal, instead of navigating to the Manage Contacts screen.
  • Lots of new links that transfer filter data from one page to another.
  • New option for hyperlink-specific filtering on clicks.
  • Implemented the UI-Router component, replacing angular-router.
  • Created drill-down capability between various screens that use the filtering UI.
  • Improved exception handling for server-side Javascript, both back-end and UI.
  • Added a Privacy Policy to the admin UI.


Build (July 20, 2017)

  • Fixed a tiny inefficiency in the Merge Engine.
  • Online Versions now render as UTF-8.
  • Added Site-level DefaultTimeZone and DefaultCulture settings that now control the formatting of dates and numbers in the merge engine.
  • Changing Sites in the Admin UI will now preserve bring the user to the same screen in the new Site. Fixed an inefficiency in the the Merge Engine related to Javascript string concatenation.
  • On the Mailing Preview window, fixed the Snippets only and Track Hyperlinks options.
  • Modified the Filtering UI and back-end functionality to account for the new Related Tables functionality. Created momre popover help for Related Tables. Updated the Personalization Tutorial to cover the new functionality.
  • Created screens for managing and editing Related Table fields. Modified the Manage Related Table and Edit Related Table screens so that they work in read-only mode for non-admin users.
  • Created new Manage Related Tables and Edit Related Table screens for Konvey Admin-only.
  • Root-level Related Tables data is now available in the Online Version of mailings, even when server-side personalization is not enabled.
  • Added support for root-level (non-Contact-specific) Related Tables, plus one-to-one Related Table joins.
  • Cookie-persisted Subject Prefix for test mailings. Konvey Admin-only SQL modal on various screens. Heirarchical JSON for related table JSON.
  • Switched to read-only EF database contexts in various locations that don't perform database updates.


Build (June 20, 2017)

  • Fixed six tiny bugs.
  • Fixed a bug in the Merge Engine that caused hrefs to be tracked.
  • Added Revert functionality for Mailings and Landing Pages.
  • Imports now handle blank column headers and duplicate columns more gracefully. New Allow Truncation option in imports. Fixed a bug with the MaxMessagesPerMemberTotal setting.
  • Added tooltip help for Tracking Code functionality, plus automatic URL-encoding of tracking code values.
  • Tracking codes can now be added at the Site and Mailing levels. Refactored all TypeScript pages to support strongly typed object construction. Hyperlink Tracking is now available in the Preview window. Added a "tables" property to the Contact JSON schema. Tracked URLs can now contain merge codes.
  • Mailing metadata is now available to the Merge Engine. New, enhanced regex for validating email addresses.
  • Konvey now supports transactional Mailings. Transactional mailings don't require an opt-in becuase they are associated with some business transaction. They also do not reqire unsubscribe logic.
  • The Admin log (top left) is now site-specific for non-admin users with more than one site when configured in Konvey admin-only settings. This is a visual prompt for marketers and agencies that manage multiple sites.
  • The One-Click Unsubscribe is now a Two-Click Unsubscribe (with automatic second click via Javascript).
  • New Site options for admin-only and public-facing logo images.
  • The No Script unsubscribe is now an UnsubscribeAll in all cases.


Older Versions

  • Konvey was fully released on March 9, 2017.
  • First use was Version 0.9.0 in October 2016.
  • First Commit was on March 27, 2015.