How and Why You Should Tag Your Contacts

Tags and Tag Groups are effective internal tools, when combined with custom filters for mailings, content or schedules.

Tags are simple, internal-only text labels attached to a contact’s profile. They are not something that is displayed to contacts, unlike profile fields, which may be included in profile update landing pages.

Tags are typically used for one-time or short-term identification of contacts. Common Tags include the source of a contact signup (i.e. website signup form) or acquisition. Tags are often used to create annual distinctions within a recurring segment of customers.

For example, a ski resort might use a new Tag for each year that a customer becomes a passholder (i.e. “Season Passholder 2018-19,” “Season Passholder 2017-18,” etc.), adding each of those annual passholder tags into a single Tag Group for filtering and reporting (i.e. “All Season Passholders”).

Four opportunities exist for associating Tags with contacts:

  • Hosted Landing Pages – custom Tags may be added to any hosted landing page via the Script tab. Near the bottom of the default javascript on that tab, you will find a collection of key-value pairs, including tagsToAdd and tagsToRemove. Both of these variables may contain an array of comma-separated Tag names.
  • Non-Hosting Landing Pages – on the Settings>Public API page of the admin, one of the optional fields for any non-hosted landing page is Tags. Clicking in the field box will open up a list of existing Tags from which you may choose one or more tags to be associated with any contact that signs up or modifies their profile using that landing page.
  • Contact Import – during the process of importing contact information via CSV file, the Tags tab includes fields for Tags to Add and Tags to Remove.
  • Manual Selection – in the Contacts area of the admin, an individual contact’s profile data may be viewed and updated manually, including adding or removing Tags.

Tag Groups may also be helpful for grouping associated Tags to make custom filter creation simpler. A Tag Group is simply a text name for a group of Tags and is not directly associated with a contact’s profile. Tag Groups are useful for filters, but they also come in handy for reporting.