Landing pages

To say you have complete control is an understatement.

Konvey helps you make your landing pages look and act exactly the way you want them. Landing pages – typically signup forms, profile update forms and unsubscribe forms – may be built and hosted on Konvey’s servers or embedded into the HTML code of your existing website.


The process to create new landing pages hosted by Konvey gives you complete control over the look and feel of the page, plus the form elements it contains.

You can bring in your entire HTML template from your website, link up the stylesheets and javascripts necessary and hardly anyone will even notice that they are not on your website. Or you can keep it simple, with a basic layout and just the form. Or anything in between.  For a more complete overview of the process, check out our How To article entitled “ How to Create or Edit Landing Pages .”

Website Embed Code

Generating the HTML code and <script> elements necessary to embed your landing page into your website is easy and straightforward.

In the API area of the admin, you will be able to select the desired contact profile fields to display from the complete list of fields, except for those designated as “Internal Only” or “Not for Display.”

You may also select the desired contact lists, and whether or not you want all who signup to be in the lists or if they should be presented with checkboxes to make their own choices. This is also where you may designate Tags to be assigned to anyone who completes this form.

Your custom landing page code is generated in one click, and you have the option to include Twitter Bootstrap styling and/or to include comments in the HTML, which will assist you in understanding which parts of the code need to be placed where in your current website’s page template.

For a more in-depth article, check out " How to Add a Sign-up Form to Your Website ."

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