Mailing Features

Construction. Personalization & Customization. Tracking.

Konvey gives you the flexibility to do virtually anything with your mailings. A built-in layout design interface, HTML template importing and modification, personalized content, customized content, mailing metadata, and flexible hyperlink tracking are all easily utilized and implemented.

Konvey’s drag-and-drop email design interface makes it easy to build your own responsive email template that performs well with the wide variety of devices and operating systems. And because we're using MJML, you can write less code, save time, code more efficiently,  and count the best responsive design to the most-popular email clients.  Even Microsoft Outlook. MJML is a markup language designed to reduce the pain of coding a responsive email.  We've coupled MJML syntax to Konvey's email Builder to speed up development time and to make something not so easy (e.g. responsive email) pretty painless.

With our Builder you can add components to an email layout, like rows, columns, images and more, and apply all the necessary styles required to generate the final HTML code used to send the message. Want to embed a special Google font in your email?  Not a problem, it's as easy as defining the font name and URL. With Konvey there is little need to worry about how to make the message display properly on some specific device, just focus on creating great content!

Already have the coded template you want? Import the HTML of your proven email template into our code editor, and then use a custom konvey-inline stylesheet in the header to add styles to your mailings. No ordinary stylesheet, the konvey-inline attribute, applied to a <style> tag, will prompt Konvey to turn all the styles in that stylesheet into inline styles, while preserving the original stylesheet as well. That’s right. Add a class or id style to the stylesheet in the <head> , and Konvey will automatically add inline styles to the appropriate elements within the HTML. Helps handle those email clients who accept stylesheets… and those who ungraciously strip them out of the message.

Personalization & Customization
Use contact personalization in the HTML/text content, plus in the Subject line , From Name , From Address, Reply-To Address and optional Preheader . Konvey’s Javascript-based approach provides access to all contact profile data, custom relational data, mailing metadata and a server-side API library. Generate fully personalized mailing previews and easily send test messages, to ensure your personalization is behaving exactly the way you want it to. Learn more details in our article on Personalization .

In addition to traditional personalization, mailings may also include customized content based on any linked data, including past mailing interaction. For example, display unique blocks of content that are specific to a contact’s State, last lodging arrival date, a past click on a specific mailing link or perhaps an affinity segment (i.e. spa, skier/snowboarder, foodie, etc.).

Customization could also extend to the profile update landing page a contact visits — not just a landing page specific to the mailing, but specific to the contact, based on custom filtering of contact profile data. A handy feature when implementing a profile-building campaign.

While all mailing hyperlinks are tracked by default, Konvey allows tracking to be removed from any individual hyperlink. Mailing- or site-specific analytics tracking codes (i.e. utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium ) are easily and automatically appended to all hyperlinks. The use of title and konvey-title attributes on <a> tags allow for tooltips in the mailings, user-friendly hyperlink names in reporting, the ability to group hyperlinks that serve the same purpose and separate identical hyperlinks based on their position in the mailing. You can even change the URL of a hyperlink after the mailing has been sent!