Whether you are a frequent or occasional power-sender, we can find a price that will work for you. Konvey is an email automation platform targeted at SMBs, mid-market companies, & enterprises whose marketing strategies call for advanced segmentation, scheduling, or personalization. We use a straightforward, all-inclusive pricing model based on Cost Per Thousand (CPM) or List Size. Unlike the competition, we’re not overly concerned with the number of records that you store in your marketing database or peak usage in a single season. Pricing is based on individual needs and is available upon request.

Our pricing starts at $95 per month because we actually answer the phone (or email) and guide clients on how to take full advantage of Konvey’s sophisticated platform. If you’re in need of a free service or have a tiny list, look elsewhere. Most of our customers have well over 100,000 active subscribers.

Sample pricing based on the number of active subscribers:
Subscribers Monthly Cost
< 25,000 $95
25,000 $150
50,000 $240
100,000 $549
500,000 $2,100
1,000,000 $3,600

Need different Pricing? Tell us what you need.