Whether you are a frequent or occasional power-sender, we can find a price that will work for most any marketer. Konvey is an email marketing and automation platform targeted at SMBs, mid-market companies, & enterprises whose marketing strategies call for advanced segmentation, scheduling, and personalization. We use a straightforward, all-inclusive pricing model based on Cost Per Thousand (CPM) or List Size. We’re not overly concerned with the number of records that you store in Konvey’s marketing database or peak usage in a single month. Our pricing can be tailored to individual needs upon request.

Before assessing the cost of an email marketing platform like Konvey, it is worthwhile to emphasize that the ROI of email marketing continues to outperform other marketing channels. The average return is over $35 for every $1 spent. Invest wisely and the return is higher. Invest poorly, and you’ll get very little return. What's it worth to your company to improve your email-marketing platform – even a little bit?

Email marketing is just like other types of marketing. To do it right, a significant amount of planning goes into developing, implementing, and testing effective email campaign strategies and solutions. Once a campaign has been launched, you've got to monitor, manage, and optimize performance to continually achieve super campaign results. The stakes are quite high!

We take our craft seriously, offer real support through highly skilled professionals, and help to guide our clients on how to take full advantage of Konvey’s sophisticated platform.

Sample pricing based on the number of active subscribers:
Subscribers Monthly Cost
Up to 2,000 $29
4,000 $43
6,000 $55
8,000 $68
10,000 $79
25,000 $120
50,000 $225
100,000 $399
500,000 $1,880
1,000,000 $3,000

Need different Pricing?

Tell us what you need. If the numbers make sense, we'll work a deal.

If you'd like a free Demo Account to evaluate Konvey, we're happy to accommodate. Give us a ring at 1-207-347-7360 x212.