Scheduling is easy and intuitive, no matter how simple or complex your needs are.

Create one schedule for a mailing, or as many as you’d like.  Any mailing may have either recurring or non-recurring schedules.

Maybe you’re just sending a one-time-only mailing that needs to go tomorrow? Give the schedule a name and set the date and the time. That’s it.

Want to create a recurring schedule? Select an overall start and end date for the mailing (if you wish, they are optional!) and then set the recurrence:

  • Daily – every day.
  • Weekly – select which day(s) of the week it should go out. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays? No problem!
  • Monthly – could be day 23 of each month, or maybe it’s the second Sunday of each month.
  • Yearly – select a specific date or maybe it’s the third Tuesday in April, every year.

Each schedule may also employ the use of a custom filter, based on built-in or custom contact profile fields, related table fields, contact subscription activity, contact mailing activity, tags, an A/B-type version split or even other saved filters. These custom filters are available for both mailings and schedules, allowing you to control the recipient list and the timing at both levels.

Built a complex set of schedules, and you’re worried that someone will receive a mailing too many times in a day or other period of time? No problem! You have the ability to control the number of times a contact may receive a mailing in one day — maybe just once for a promo mailing, but an unlimited number for a transaction-based message. You can even control the total number of times a contact will ever receive a mailing, in case that fits your needs better.

Want to schedule a Happy Birthday mailing? Just create a recurring schedule, set it to send daily at whatever time you wish and give it a filter, like “BirthDate is today.” Couldn’t be easier.