Responsive (RWD) Email Builder

Most email service providers offer an email editor for creating email campaigns. Few offer what a skilled email marketer truly needs. Lots of editors are convenient to use and easy, but not many can build custom responsive email templates from scratch.

Coding responsive email is complex and expensive. Coding by hand is tiresome and requires testing, multiple rounds of changes, and lots of back and forth with stakeholders. If you like the old-fashioned hard way – no problem. Konvey’s got you covered with a standard HTML editor.

If you’d like to try the easy way, we’ve abstracted away email HTML & CSS with Konvey’s Email Builder. The Builder will save you time and help to generate beautiful responsive emails effortlessly. We engineered and built our Builder from scratch without looking at competitive products. Our Builder is really quite different from anything else on the market.

Konvey's drag-and-drop Email Builder was designed to reduce the pain of coding a responsive email without dumbing things down and taking away all of the control. We’ve aimed to strike a nice balance between ease of use and functionality. As a rule, we always put function above ease. And we adore a minimalist user interface that provides precisely what's needed – nothing more! It's why Konvey is highly performant (e.g. super wicked fast). We’ve got the fastest and most advanced RWD builder on the market.

It's all made possible by this Builder Toolbar.

Just drang-and-drop. In this next image we're adding a spacer element. Once added to the palette, you're able to set attributes and settings (e.g. height, background color, etc.).

We’ve not got the easiest Builder to use — because great ability requires a more sophisticated user interface (e.g. dragging a template or partial into another template and deciding how to merge default settings, using row or column wrappers to group RWD content, pulling in a snippet which is a piece of reusable code – these are advanced features not available in competitive builders). After a little learning, our Builder really goes the distance and does what other builders cannot. Konvey was built for the seasoned email professional — the marketing manager or specialist that has experience creating and sending mass email. Our ideal user wants as much control as possible over every aspect of email marketing and can tolerate a little more complexity. What Konvey users really want, is to cut email design and production time to 60-90 minutes per email. Our Builder delivers on this goal.


  • Achieve almost any email design with an extremely versatile app style drag and drop interface. An app style interface leverages the browser and needs not make round trips back to the server. The result is a much faster application.
  • No need to know HTML.
  • We invested heavily to bring you bulletproof RWD email templates that render well in the most popular email clients.
  • The templates have been extensively tested with Email on Acid and Litmus.
  • Our Gallery templates are kept up-to-date. Use any of our built-in templates as building blocks to create your own templates.
  • You can create and manage your own template library. Create entire templates or partials. Save favorite elements like a header, footer, or an about us block as a Partial and reuse them in other templates. For those managing multiple brands, you can even setup a template with just default settings and merge those settings into another template — the results quickly augmenting a generic template to a set of branding standards.
  • Import MJML 4, export MJML 4, and view HTML source (you'll never be locked or handcuffed to Konvey). When Previewing a mailing, you’re able to personalize the template to an anonymous user, a non-personalized version, or a specific user. And you’ll have access to all mergeable data and email attributes right from the UX (e.g. subject, from name, from address, reply-to - which can also be dynamic) so that you can easily test complex dynamic content.

Special Fonts

With Koney you can set your own settings at the Template or Mailing levels. Settings exist for most all HTML attributes (e.g. fonts, alignment, size, horizontal alignment, padding, etc.). Setting brand styles really speeds-up the build process. It helps to eliminate repetitive steps. Settings can be overridden from defaults at the Table, Row, Column Group, Column, Text, Image, Button Divider, and Spacer levels. This screen shot shows the fonts tab were a user can add external fonts to be used by an email template. You can use any of the 850+ Google fonts.

Settings at the Text Level

All text will inherit settings. This screen show shows the interface for overriding font settings. The interface is simple and clean without any clutter. Bootstrap styled form controls vs. fancy components with hard to find settings? We choose Bootstrap and clearly labeled input boxes. Just what’s needed. Nothing more! That’s how we roll . Further refinements can be made with inline text edits in the WYSIWYG editor (not shown here).

Grab Handles

The small icons that you see in this screen shot are Grab Handles. Grab Handles can be turned on to aid with dragging or copying elements (to copy use the Control Key & the Mouse to drag a copy of any element in the Builder). The Grab Handles provide context when selecting areas for formatting — you'll really come to appreciate Grab Handles when building emails with a column inside of a wrapper inside of a table. All with zero padding. Shown here are grab handles for Table, Column, Text, and Spacer.

Dynamic Content Controls

Implement dynamic content easily into any Row, Row Wrapper, or Hero component using the Dynamic Content settings build directly into Konvey’s email Builder. In the example below, we only want the dining offer to be viewed by residents who live in the state of Maine. Assuming that State data is available in the dataset, then including a conditional Javascript expression of content.state ==’ME’ cause this row to only be emailed to recipients who reside in Maine. We can also choose where to display the dynamic content (e.g. mailing and online version, mailing only, online only)

Take a Test Drive

We've shown just a tiny bit of Konvey's Email Builder. If you'd like to learn more, setup a demo and test building responsive email templates yourself.